When I initially minimised my clothes, I found it incredibly easy to throw things away. Too easy. Masses and masses of tops, trousers, dresses and everything in between. They all had one thing in common – they didn’t fit well. Likely due to poor quality and styles that I have always wanted to explore, but never found the confidence to wear outside the four walls of my room.

For obvious reasons, I had to keep some of these ill-fitting clothes, except I loved these. Extremely oversized to hide my body completely. And I was content. This shopping ban was unintentional, truthfully. But, as I sit here reflecting, I’ve found many benefits.


This is a remarkable realisation for me, seeing how far I have come in my minimalism journey and effort to consume less. I was blissfully unaware that I hadn’t felt the need to buy more for whatever trend was in.


I have found SO many pieces within my closet I had completely forgotten about during this period during those days of

“A closet full of clothes, nothing to wear” – Carrie Bradshaw.

It’s kept things fresh and given me more options of outfits when I’ve felt a need to switch it up, without bringing new items into my closet to be ignored.


I don’t own many pairs of shorts – three to be exact. Only one of these pairs is appropriate for work as they are almost knee length. I soon realised I needed more. Instead of buying some, I saw a pair of jeans that were the oldest, most faded, therefore only ever worn if I’ve been lazy with washing my clothes.

I cut them to short length, rolled them a few times and stitched it in place. Now I have two pairs of shorts which is the perfect amount for work.

Dresses that had shrunk a few too many times to be wearable (I really need to learn how to prevent that) are now t-shirts for my leggings for lazy days.

This half year has pulled out my creative side to make clothes work for me, as opposed to working for clothes to buy.


I was wondering why I had so much money left at the end of each month. Oh yes – I wasn’t blowing £100 every month on a few outfits for social events.


This whole thing has helped me figure out what it is I really need in my wardrobe that I don’t currently have. This mostly consists of more fitted styles and basic t-shirts that aren’t baggy and shapeless. I have noticed, though, that I have the perfect amount of bottoms (jeans, leggings, etc) for me, which is fantastic.

As I now continue my weight loss journey (a topic I will touch on one day), I hate this style of potato sacks and huge jackets. I will be continuing this no-buy for another 3-6 months until I hit my goal in which I will begin replacing the items I don’t feel good in with more appropriate, fitting, high quality clothing that will match how I now feel about my body.

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