We’ve all been there. It’s late, you’re desperately trying to clear your mind for some much needed rest. Sleepless nights affect us all for many different reasons. One of those is overthinking.

Our mind focuses on work, home, relationships and any stresses we have. During the day, they are hidden behind our daily tasks. It’s at night, when our mind is the only thing keeping us awake, that these thoughts drown us.

Now, I have a trick for resolving this issue. I can’t take credit, however I also can’t credit either – I read it from a comment left on Reddit many years ago. Nonetheless, this one comment has completely changed how much sleep I’m getting every single night.

It sounds so simple it’s ridiculous and may not work for everyone but I really hope it does.

Let’s use an example of worrying/panicking about writing a report for its due date. As you lay there worrying, simply say in your head: “Writing a report. Dismissed”. Boom, it usually wipes from my head and I move onto another worry or something more relaxed. Either way, I tend to dismiss almost everything to the point it almost becomes a game. Animal Crossing – dismissed. New album out – dismissed. Killing Eve is on tomorrow – dismissed.

Sometimes the bad worries can come back, and it can take multiple shots to ‘dismiss’ it, but I truly do swear by this method and it prevents me overthinking myself into a sleepless night every time.

I hope this little hack can help at least one of you rest a little better at night.

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