I’d love to be able to take super professional aerial shots.. clearly I have a lot of work to do.

As I’ve spoken about in previous posts, I only own one everyday bag – this Calvin Klein backpack. I admit it was a splurge, but also a carefully considered purchase. The bag is the perfect size to hold all my essentials, while still having room for unexpected items I may need or pick up while out, while maintaining the simplistic look I strive for so it can be paired with any outfit.

For years I had a huge over-the-shoulder bag that would be so heavily weighed down it’d hurt my shoulder and usually, eventually break. I decided to experiment with what items I actually use daily when leaving the house – after many variations of my current list, this is my current and most likely, forever list.

Purse & Keys

Quite obvious reasons for these really. They never leave my bag unless I’m currently using them, so I always know where they live.


It’s not often I need these with UK weather. However, when I do, I know I have them with me. This was especially frustrating before I settled for a dedicated pair to stay in my bag as I’d always forget them or think I wouldn’t need them.

Earphones / Airpods

I don’t think I ever go anywhere without these. Hands down the best investment of the past year as I get a ridiculous amount of use from them and they are pocket-sized so taking up space is never an issue like it used to be with my wireless headphones.


I don’t wear body sprays, so perfume comes with me. I do long shifts and if I’m heading out straight from work I need a spray or two.

Hand Sanitiser

This has always been a staple in my bag as an ease of mind. Self-explanatory, really.

I’m very happy with my simple bag and the items I carry inside – there’s not too much yet not too little. And the best part of all, it doesn’t weigh all that much compared to my bags years ago.

Let me know if there’s any super useful items you carry with you that I might have never thought of.

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